Losing Track of Time

This is all very weird and scary, and it is definitely messing with my head. I spent the whole week thinking it was Thursday, right up until Friday when I thought that it was already Saturday. I’m focusing on the garden a lot as the weather in Seattle finally warms up. Making some food and adding extra color to the world seems like a very good thing right now.

Please be safe and, wherever possible, take care of the people, animals, and plants around you.

Pineberry blossoms. They’re a white strawberry that tastes slightly of pineapple.
Morning glory seedlings and baby strawberries, because there will be flowers and eventually fresh fruits. Spring is here.
Cherry blossoms from our ornamental cherry tree. It doesn’t make much in the way of cherries, but it does look beautiful.
More cherry blossoms
Some new narcissus flowers that we added to the garden a week or two back. They’re almost in full bloom now.

2 thoughts on “Losing Track of Time”

  1. I know what you mean, I’ve had trouble keeping track of time too. I’ve also been working in the garden a bit. The weather has been lovely. Don’t let those morning glories get into your garden. They are impossible to stop, spread like wildfire, and they take over. Stay well 💕


    1. They’re going in a planter, but so far I’ve had a hell of a time just getting them to grow at all! Turns out, morning glories do not like Seattle weather one bit. I miss them from California, though, so I’m being stubborn and babying them a bit to get them started.


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