Wildly Optimistic Book Goals

I’ve been avoiding committing myself because I’m about as in over my head as I expected to be this year, but here’s what I’m aiming for.

Finish this stage and return manuscript to the editor for line edit – August 8th

Cover reveal – September 15th

Open for preorders – November 15th

Release date – December 1st

I just like this picture I took. Orane’s family crest features thistles, though, so it’s loosely related.

2 thoughts on “Wildly Optimistic Book Goals”

  1. Looking from my untrained eye, I see an exotically garbed caterpillar! Lovely!! Best to you and accomplishing your goals. I’m rooting for you!


    1. Thank you!

      There are a pair of mating beetles and some aphids in the picture, for sure. Not certain about a caterpillar, but there probably could be. It was a very active flower. 🙂


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